Kick the Bucket!

Things on my bucket that I want to do before I die:

  1. Become a vegetarian
  2. Be fluent in Arab
  3. Be fluent in French
  4. Be fluent in Spanish
  5. Bring my mother on a holiday to Japan to see the sakura flowers
  6. Donate blood
  7. Get a post-graduate scholarship abroad
  8. Get married
  9. Go on a pilgrimage to Mekah
  10. Go to college
  11. Go to England
  12. Go to the YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention)
  13. Graduate high school
  14. Have 3 kids
  15. Have a beach house
  16. Join a marathon
  17. Learn to play Oshio’s Twilight on the guitar
  18. Learn to play Yiruma’s River Flows in You on the guitar
  19. Memorise the whole Qur’an
  20. Read all the classic books on my bookshelf
  21. Write a book and get it published