Blogging Olympics Tag

Blogging Olympics Tag

No one personally tagged me like ‘I-tag-you’ for this tag, but since Noor here had kindly tagged everybody, so I guess that means I got to be tagged, too? Anyways, this tag has gone quite viral and I thought I jump in and do my own take on the tag.


– Use the Blogging Olympics image (or make your own)
– Thank the person who tagged you and list the rules
– Answer the Olympics-themed questions (feel free to add your own)
– Tag others!
If you could compete in an event, what would it be?
Swimming, maybe. Or running, though I suck at both.
Favourite event to watch? 
Honestly, I don’t really watch the Olympics. I do update myself sometimes on the event, but I don’t keep track of the schedule and tune in during those times. I don’t really watch a lot of sports, you see, and I’m not very sporty either. But if I have to choose, I would go for soccer (it’s the most popular sport in Indonesia) and badminton (Indonesia’s also quite proud of this event).
Olympian you most admire? 
Again, I don’t know since I don’t watch much. Sorry.
What sports do you currently play? 
None. I thought about practising karate again–or run, or swim–but never gotten around to actually do so. I do hope am able to do it when I got better as soon as college starts.
Summer or Winter Olympics? 
Actually, I do not know, too, but since I suppose Indonesia doesn’t participate in the Winter Olympics (we do not even have winter), I’d go with summer.
Ever been to see the Olympics in person?
Nope. Not exactly on my bucket list, but I do would jump in if I was given the chance. It’s a good lifetime experience and would be very festive.
A sport that should be in the Olympics? 
Karate. Karate and taekwondo are two foreign martial arts that are quite popular in Indonesia. When I still practised karate regularly a few years ago, I remembered discovering that taekwondo athletes are given a chance to compete internationally while karate ones do not because there were no international matches. It was at the Olympics or something. I thought that was quite unfair. If there is still no international matches for karate now, I do hope there will be one in the future–in the Olympics, preferably–since it’s a sport I actually quite enjoy, and three of my cousins are karate athletes when they were younger.
What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics?
Like I feel every time I’m competing for something–so nervous I got sick. It’s the jitters.
Taking Noor’s example, I tag everyone!
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